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Interest-based advertising
apkleader.com is the publisher of Google Adsense ads. As a third party reseller, Google uses cookies to serve ads on apkleader.com. For this reason, both Google and DoubleClick use the DART cookie. In this way, it uses the technique of advertising advertising according to the interests of its users. Our visitors and members can prevent us from using the DART cookie by visiting the Advertising and Privacy - Google Privacy Center website, where the Google Advertising and content network and privacy network policy is published.
We use third-party advertising companies to provide advertising services when you visit our website. The companies in question may use the information they obtain from your visits to these sites and other websites (other than your private information) to show you the advertisement of the products and services that may be of interest to you. If you want to learn about this application and to know what your options are to prevent this information from being used by these companies, you can find more information from Annex A of the document by downloading the PDF file from this link.

Log Files
As with many standard web servers, log files for statistical purposes are kept on apkleader.com. These files are; Your IP address contains standard information such as your internet service provider, features of your browser, operating system and login-logout pages. Log files are never used for statistical purposes and do not violate your privacy. Your ip address and other information are not associated with your personal information. apkleader.com statistics services use Google Analytic technology.

The word "cookie" is used to describe a small text file that the web page server places on your computer's hard disk. Some parts of our site may use cookies to provide user convenience. In addition, cookies and web beacons may be used for the collection of advertising data through the ads available on the site. This is done entirely with your permission, and it is possible to prevent this by changing the settings of your internet browser upon your request.